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<p>Congratulations beloved Srs on the 50th Anniversary of your First Religious Profession in the Family of the Daughters of Divine Love. We are proud of you, Bravo! I will rejoice in the Lord, my soul shall exult in my God Is 61:10. With jubilation and joyful songs, the entire family of the Daughters of Divine Love rejoices and felicitates with the foundation members of her Congregation as they mark this great milestone of the golden jubilee of their religious vows. When our dear Sisters entered the life in 1969, Nigeria was in turmoil with the ravaging Nigerian/Biafran civil war. Violence was everywhere, yet these pioneer members resolutely embraced the religious life to give life, love and hope to many agonizing people. They bore prophetic witness in their various apostolates. They gave people hope through Divine Love in action. Our dear Sisters are the pillars of this Congregation. The sudden death of our beloved founder did not deter or weaken them rather; it made them more determined, dedicated and selfless. They remain a point of reference for the present and future generations. This jubilee day was also an opportunity to remind all the daughters of our founder&rsquo;s teaching on Divine Love. "Fraternal charity as it is called is the fairest daughter of Divine Love. Love of God is the queen of all virtues and love of our neighbour is its lovely daughter. 'Ubi Caritas, Ubi Deus'. Where there is charity there is God. God is charity. God is love. And he that abideth in love abideth in God and God in him, first letter of St. John 4:16. To live with God, is to live in mutual harmony with Christ's spouses in the Divine Presence, my dear daughters, this is your vocation. Your community life must reflect the peace of heaven. This is just the life that Jesus intends and expects of his spouses. He, Himself is there with you in the tabernacle as well as in your souls. He has called you to live in a community and thereby sanctify and save yourselves. We must learn this life of love from Him" (founders talks Vol. II pg 189). The homilist Very Rev. Fr. Peter Damian Akpunonu reminded the jubilarians once again that 50 years in the religious life is not an occasion of recounting individual accomplishments but of celebrating the goodness of God as an act of gratitude. His innumerable gifts bestowed both on the jubilarians and the entire Congregation. Therefore, jubilee year is a year of favour, liberation, of God's love, etc. The jubilarians celebrate today what God has done in their lives as the recipients of His marvelous gifts. Today they joined the psalmist in praising God for his steadfast love. In hardship and joy the jubilarians have dedicated their time liberating the down trodden, feeding the hungry etc. The first reading of today speaks their minds Is 61:4 as they exult for joy in the Lord, for he has clothed them in the garments of salvation. He has wrapped them in the cloak of integrity, like a bridegroom adorned in her jewels". Thank you beloved Sisters for having outstandingly lived Divine Love In Action. Thank you for your perseverance, for the sacrifices, you made to keep the light shinning. You are unique and priceless, may your future be characterized with happiness and joy. Just know that the Congregation still needs you. In the words of the prophet Isaiah 61:14, the spirit of the Lord is upon you, because he has anointed you to bring good tidings to the afflicted. ....... Your lives have been an amazing journey of commitment and dedication. We are very proud of you! Keep the flag flying high!! Once again, Congratulations!!!</p> <p>Caritas Christi Urget Nos.</p>

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