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Charity Home, Amoji Nike, Enugu, Enugu State…



That they may have life….



The poor economic situation in Nigeria under which the young people grow most of the times over stress them and eventually push them to the street.  Most poor families at a point cannot cope with the poverty level which they find themselves and as a result unable to take care of their children.  These less privileged young ones end up in the streets in an attempt to find solace and greener pastures.  Some single mothers willingly abandon their children due to hardship in our society.


Poverty and poor people have been in existence and the two have always been part of every society.  It hurts most that the scourge of poverty …group of people that can do little or nothing for themselves namely, children and teenagers.  We all owe our society the duty of elevating the pain from these people and put smiles on their faces.  We the Daughters of Divine Love are aware of these facts and that is why we through our Charity home try to give these brothers and sisters of ours a home and future.


The Sisters and the entire workers are committed and dedicated to adding meaning to the lives of these children and teenagers, so as to bring loving joy and happiness to them and more importantly help them make better persons in the society.



To educate, care and add value to the lives of our target group and make them men and women of integrity, honesty, self discipline and self reliance who will be responsible and resourceful in our world which is highly competitive and dynamic.



  • Orphans
  • Motherless
  • Abandoned children
  • The Less privileged
  • Street children/teenagers
  • Children with special needs
  • Physically and mentally challenged.


Target group

  • Children
  • Teenagers


Services provided in the Home

  • Daily food
  • Shelter
  • Education
  • Skill acquisition
  • Street work
  • Awareness programs and workshop
  • Youth counseling
  • Recreational programs
  • Scholarship
  • Financial support programme
  • Special care and education for physically challenged.


Aims and Objectives

  1. To give the less privileged, disadvantaged and abandoned children a home and bright future.
  2. To give the children qualitative education.
  3. To help them develop positive personality traits so as to become responsible citizens.
  4. To rehabilitate street and abandoned children/teenagers.
  5. To help the abandoned children to regain their self value and be reintegrated in the society and in return, contribute positively to the community.
  6. To equip them in various knowledge and skills and support them to be independent individuals.
  7. To direct and lead them in the path of Christ Jesus and make them good and exemplary Christians worthy of emulation.



  • By sponsoring a child through his/her education in form of scholarship
  • By donating uniforms, school sandals and bags, text books and other learning materials.
  • By donating sewing machine, weaving machine, hair dressing saloon set, catering and baking sets.
  • By cash donation for staff salaries
  • By cash donation for children’s medications
  • By sponsoring already rehabilitated youths to start up their own business.
  • By donating generously to the on-going construction of hostels in the permanent site and recreational facilities in the permanent site.
  • By donating beddings for the home.
  • By donating for the daily up keep of the inmates.





P. O. BOX 546, ENUGU

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